My Blog name is a salute to the days when TheSmokingGun.com was more like Wikileaks and less like a mashup of “Weird/Odd News”, a celebrity gossip aggregation site, and the show “Cops”.

I started my career in Technical Recruiting & Account Management (sales) in 1982. By 1983 I was handed all the major accounts in my division. In 1984 I decided I was good enough to do without the annoying employer part and started my own Agency.

I successfully focused on the cutting-edge R&D and Product clients, made $1 million/year in revenue and took home six figures (which was real money in the 80’s and 90’s). I Zigged when I should have Zagged during the Dot-Com Revolution and Crash, so I became a Corporate Recruiting Consultant. I’ve worked at several Fortune 500 companies and one Pre-IPO start-up since then.

I moved at the end of 2011 from Connecticut to the Silicon Valley area. My true love is hunting down and influencing passive candidates for cutting-edge High-Tech, R&D, and Product Development environments. Silicon Valley gives me a lot more chances to do what I love. I also have family out here with me, so I’m here to stay.


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